Your go-to-market partner.

You’ve got the goods, now what? A gap often exists when a company has a technically sound product or service but lacks the capacity to design and execute a viable go-to-market strategy. That’s where we come in.

From the production plant to the shelf to the customer.

We work with clients on a variety of business development challenges that generally begin at the plant door. This can range from formulating an idea into a viable product or service you can sell, establishing product/market fit, finding customers, setting pricing/costing strategies, or determining the best sales channels and distribution options. If the product has some early commercial success, the challenge is often growing sales profitably and managing channel partners.

Evaluating market and business development opportunities
Developing winning value propositions
Go-to-market strategy development
Managing channel partners for performance and profit
Accessing sources of financial and technical assistance

Our expertise comes from doing, not theorizing.

We've got our hands messy with hundreds of clients and collaborators over 40 years in the food industry. Knowing how to sell food products to leading retailers, foodservice distributors, restaurant chains and further processors.

Speaking from experience.

As a featured speaker and workshop facilitator for a number of food and beverage industry events, we love sharing our love for the business.

Contact us to discuss your business challenges and how we can bring your service or product to market faster and more efficiently.

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