Many companies often lack the knowledge and experience of how to design and execute a viable “go to market” strategy. The product or service may be technically sound but customers will not magically beat a path to your door.

How to viably achieve those incremental sales, through what channels, and more importantly how to sustain them is not easily found in a textbook or taught in a classroom. I have spent my entire career to date to date grappling with those challenges and forced myself to learn by “doing it” countless times.

It is extremely satisfying to now be in the position to help often young companies design and execute successful sales and marketing paths.

My selling, marketing and business development experience has largely but not exclusively been gained in the seafood world. In every case, we created a successful value proposition for our products to command premium prices in a diverse range of foodservice and retail accounts, both in North America and beyond. And the lessons translate well across the entire food and beverage spectrum, as evidenced by the range of clients I have helped since founding Archibald Analytics, Inc. in late 2017.